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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. tonight, disaster in the french alps. >> our teams are in close contact and we're working to confirm how many americans may have been on board. later, republican spy games. >> frankly, i was a bit shocked. >> you don't need intelligence agencies and secret information to know this. also cruising for votes and money. and angelina jolie's difficult decision. >> revealing overnight she's had preventive surgery. investigators in france are battling tough conditions trying to determine what caused an air bus to crash in the french alps. a germanwings plane crashed into
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the mountains in france early this morning. it was carrying 144 passengers and six crew members. no survives are expected. the plane took off at 10:00 a.m. local time from barcelona. it had a nine-minute descent. air traffic control lost contact with the plane at 10:40 a.m. at an at constituteltitude of 6,000 feet. the french interior minister said the plan crashed into the mountains at an altitude of 6,550 feet. definitely high elevation. debris is said to cover an area of 100 to 200 meters. one official described the plane as disintegrated. he told "the associated press" the largest chunk of debris was the size of a small car.
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one of the black boxes has been located. the victims are said to be of spanish, german and turkish descent. colombian officials say two of their citizens were on board. the state department is reviewing whether any americans were on the flight. a spokesperson for the parent company for germanwings said the plane had undergone a routine check on monday. a newspaper reports a problem had been detected with the nose landing gear and the doors and was repaired. that, of course took place in the last few days. the plane has been in operation since november of 1990. and it has been operated by germanwings since january of 2014. the plane had logged over 58,000 flight hours. the pilot had been flying with the company for more than ten years. incidents involving an air bus
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a-320 are rare. the aircraft has an excellent safety record. there are more than 6,000 a-320s in operation around the world. i'm joined by a triple 777 pilot and scott hamilton and john cox and anthony davis. i want to start tonight with a picture of the cockpit of the a-320. now to the layperson out there who doesn't fly, you look at this cockpit and you think, wow, this is a lot of stuff. actually this is a relatively easy aircraft to fly and it is set up systematically in most of the a-320s the same way. this aircraft was built in 1990 so obviously there's probably been a lot of upgrades in the cockpit as far as technology since then but this is a basic set up of an a-320.
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the instruments look the same. there's a lot of redundancy in this cockpit. when it-- you hear a lot about squawk codes and transponders. they are related. a transponder is a piece of equipment that you'll find in the cockpit right here and there's two of them. that's part of the redundancy. the pilot and the co-pilot would each have a transponder to operate. if the aircraft is hijacked the transponder code would be 7500. the pilot would digitally punch in 7500. air traffic control would know right away there's an aircraft at 38,000 feet and they have been hijacked. that of course puts a lot of
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things into motion. if there's a squawk code that's put in there by the pilot at 7600, that would be a communication there's an engine failure and the radio package has failed. that would signal to air traffic control they have to clear all aircraft away from them. if there was a squawk code of 7700, it would be a signal of an emergency. now think about this. a click to talk on the radio systems, which is right here with the autopilot and also with the flight management system, it would take just a matter of seconds for the pilot or co-pilot to put in a new squawk code and the squawk code that was given to this cockpit was 5512. in other words, when you're taking off, the air traffic control is going to say, flight
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so-and-so, squawk 5512. if they wanted to signal something such as an emergency in flight they would squawk 7700. that can be done in a matter of seconds, so what we can deduce from this is something must have happened and it must have been so severe that it didn't give these pilots an opportunity to number one communicate on the radio system and it didn't give them an opportunity to put in a squawk code. these are the power settings right here. left engine right engine. this is the trim wheel. you can do that electronically or manually. this is the flight management system. it is so easy to touch as a pilot pilot. you can program the entire flight of this aircraft in this flight management system.
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up here you're going to find all the information on the engine. is it running hot, how are they running? is it running too hot? the pilots will spend a lot of attention there. this is your system's management screen right here. it'll tell you if there's a problem with the landing gear or a problem with a door that might not be latched. these are the two electronic screens the pilots will pay attention to. these are all backup systems. this is all communication. from a pilot's standpoint it's all right there. when you have flown this aircraft and you have thousands of hours, you know exactly what to do and how to do it. i think viewing this and the details that have unfolded today there's a lot of mystery here. let's start tonight with a triple 777 pilot. what do you think happened? what conclusion do you come to based on what's been reported? >> well as you pointed out, something happened rather suddenly to the airplane and
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rendered the cockpit crew either trying to make an emergency descent of some sort or unable to control their aircraft any longer. it looks like a pressurization or smoke in the cabin issue. if that's the case the pilots would have put on an oxygen mask and smoke goggles and would have made an emergency descent to an lower altitude where the air is more breathable, but it looks they stayed on their flight plan track. they were still under directional control of the airplane. if they were not, the airplane would have probably veered one direction or another away from their intended flight path. >> how would you describe the descent? if it hits on impact in a matter of eight or nine minutes, isn't that an unusual descent for a
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jet in that part of the aviation world? it's a rather sparsely populated wide open area. there's not a lot of air traffic there, i don't think and it would seem to me that would be an unusual descent. how would you describe it? >> it is very unusual for something to happen at cruising altitude. most accidents happen upon landing or takeoff, so a cabin depressurization or a controlled descent of some kind perhaps cockpit intrusion. in eight or nine minutes, there was no radio communication. it looks like from the deebris field this may have gone in an attack condition. >> it had one heck of an impact. >> that's right. >> mr. cox, your thoughts on what the pilot's might have been going through? i just want to offer one possibility. this is a 1990 aircraft.
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obviously, it's gone through all the aviation checks and balances with all the regulations that are there, but one of the windows could have been blown out in the cockpit that could have overcome the pilot so fast that it would never affected the flight management system. there's so many possibilities here, but what do you take away? >> i was an air bus with one of the airlines for six years. i've flown the airplane. to start speculating like a window coming out, i don't think there's any evidence to support that and i don't think that we serve the process very well because what we need now is information. we need evidence. what we know is the airplane climbed to 38,000 feet. it stayed there for four minutes. it descended at a rate that is not uncommon for jet airplanes in the 3,000 to 4,000 foot rate
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of descent. we know it stayed on track. those two things indicate a probability that the airplane was still in the auto flight system. the pilot was flying the airplane with commands from the flight control panel or the computer. the airplane is electrically powered. the questions arise, why did they need to come down? there's a variety of reasons. a smoke event, a depressure depressurization event, those would be reasons to come down. why didn't they stop the descent at 10,000 feet? that's something the investigators are going to look at. fortunately, we've got one of the recorders and i expect we'll have the second one tomorrow.
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they will tell the tale of this flight. >> mr. cox, if you lost pressurization at 38,000 feet what would you be instructed to do? >> the first thing is to get oxygen mask which is a particular type of mask. it's a positive breathing mask. it forces air into your lungs. once you establish that in communication with the other pilot, you initiate an emergency descent, which is unlikely in this case because of the rate of descent of an emergency descent is much greater than this 3,000, 4,000 feet per minute. this is much more like an idle descent, which is something that is a normal profile. it was likely that it was commanded by the crew for reasons that we don't yet understand. >> mr. davis, your thoughts on no communication? >> we have heard several
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versions of what happened communicationwise communication wise. some reports suggested that the captain issued an emergency emergency in voice, which we don't know until the voice data recorder is analyzed fully. let's be clear. none of us are air crash investigators. we are speculating. the difficult thing here is we're dealing with a mountain range where some of the peaks are 15,000 feets. the highest mountains are 15,000 feet in this region. to bring an aircraft to a safe altitude for breathable air is around 10,000 feet so the only direction that my thoughts and feelings are headed towards is there is a catastrophic accident that's required this aircraft to descend. they have descended under their own esteem. >> all right.
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gentlemen, thank you for your time tonight. i appreciate it. up next was israel spying on the united states and did the republicans know about it? and if they did, why didn't they tell the president? also ahead, ted cruz makes the rounds to drum up votes and much needed cash for his presidential bid. stay with us. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser.
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u.s. officials say israel leaked details of the talks to u.s. lawmakers in order to drum up congressional criticism over a deal. an unarmed -- an unnamed senior official told "the wall street journal" why this angered the administration. it's one thing for the united states and israel to spy on each other. it's another thing for israel to steal u.s. secrets, play them back to u.s. legislators, to undermine u.s. diplomacy. john boehner insists he knows nothing about this report. >> i was shocked by the fact that there were reports in this press article that information buzz was being passed on from israelis to the members of congress. >> would it have been inappropriate if it did?
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>> i'm not sure what the information was so but i'm baffled by it. >> but is he going to investigate? will mr. boehner go into his own caucus and start asking questions? boehner just said i don't know anything about it. he travels to israel next week to meet with prime minister netanyahu. the office has denied the allegations calling them utterly false. joining me tonight a rabbi and steve clemons. steve, you first tonight. what do you make of this? >> nations spy on each other. if israel was trying to peel off american legislators with this information to work against the u.s. of the white house and the white house kind of clarifying what america's national strategic interests are, this is a huge story and it'll be
2:20 pm
interesting to see if john boehner keeps that trip next week or decides he's got some other stuff to do but it is a very serious issue. not the spying part. the spying issue helps represent people that israel and the united states are sovereign nations with divergent interests that sometimes overlap. they're not always on the same page but peeling off legislators is a real dangerous and provocative act, if this is true. >> doesn't this deserve some type of justice department inquiry? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> we're talking about national security here. now when i turn to the rabbi, he's going the say there's no way we should do a deal with iranians. okay. i respect that. i understand his opinion, but if that's the case it must be some pretty heavy stuff they're talking about when it comes to nukes. why in the world would we not be
2:21 pm
curious about this information floats around to inject a political process into the negotiations? >> i think now the author of this article is standing by his story. he has interviewed lots of diplomats. people on the hill shared with adam what they were concerned about. you may see this get some legs and we'll see what the justice department does at some level. on the other hand, the white house could have known about this all along. not only do we have the spying story. we have the other side with the intelligence we were giving israelis, they were leaking that to their own journalists. that's one of the reasons why they were formally cut off in the sensitive information we were sharing with our allies on the deal. >> do we believe benjamin netanyahu? >> let me ask you a question.
2:22 pm
the news that israel is spying inging on the united states -- the pope is catholic, right? i've been listening to your conversations for years now. they're interesting. what do we do about a story that israel has to inform american legislators about what the administration is negotiating about? that's what's bizarre. >> you're saying netanyahu is doing us a favor. >> the president is keeping congress out of the loop. even though it is an arms controlled treaty. let me ask you this. the one piece of information that the israelis leaked to congress is that 6500 centrifuges were going to be allowed in this deal. >> if i'm in the house and i'm in a position of authority, if
2:23 pm
this information comes to my desk i'm calling the white house because i'm an american citizen. i'm loyal to this country and i do believe that the office of the presidency deserves the president and the country deserves the loyalty to the office no matter who the president is to know exactly what i know. my question is if this is true, this is treason on the part of american lawmakers. that's just my take. >> i feel your passion. i wish the president of the united states felt as passionate and the same indignation for the same saying on saturday kill all the jews destroy israel. >> i understand the passionate of the right wing if this was nancy pelosi and the democrats were in charge. >> the administration is negotiating a deal which in
2:24 pm
involves surrender and capitulation. >> so your position is these israelis have done us a favor? >> no. it's the deal -- >> all right. let's go to steve. steve, your thoughts? >> this is compromising the loyalty of these members of congress. >> true. >> in a way i can't just shrug off. it's compromising their loyalty. the notion that the administration has not kept the congress informed is ridiculous. both the armed services committees and the intelligence committees in both the house and the senate have been regularly informed in classified briefings what the context of these negotiations are. >> what about that? >> if that's true why did boehner boehner yawn? >> because they want this president to fail. >> this could be treason. on the other hand, they all knew
2:25 pm
this all along. which is it? steve, which is it? >> i think israelis spying on us and passing on information causes a challenge of complicity for those members of congress for not speaking up, for not sharing this. i know john mccain. they are hypercautious of sharing anything publicly that they know is classifyied. >> they're all concerned about hillary clinton's e-mails. hillary might have put something out that was jugst so damaging. you know what's damaging? what's damaging is when you lose loyalty. if you don't have loyalty to your people you have no chance of success. >> this is a nonstory. >> it is not a non-story. >> steve is quoting john mccain. he said the president is having a, quote, temper tantrum. he's been saying the most
2:26 pm
unbelievable things. >> i've seen senator mccain have a lot of temper tantrums. >> that's the pot calling the kettle black and we'll leave it there gentlemen. that's a good one. great to have you with us tonight. coming up angelina jolie's latest health decision sparks conversation about cancer prevention prevention. and later, what you don't know about candidate ted cruz. we're right back. stay with us. the roll just disappeared. i knew i should've bought bounty. bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels. and that's a good deal. bounty. the long lasting quicker picker upper and now try new bounty with dawn. available in the paper towel aisle.
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2:30 pm
steps for her health. she had elective double mastectomy two years ago. two weeks ago, the results of her blood test revealed possible early signs of ovarian cancer. she wrote about her decision for additional surgery to remove her ovaries and fill lopian tubes. >> you look just like her. i broke down. but we smiled at each other and agreed we were there to deal with any problem, so let's get on with it. jolie says that while this surgery was less complex than the double mastectomy, it's effects are much more severe putting her into forced menopause. she remains hopeful about her health and her future. >> the cdc says when ovarian cancer is found in its early stages, treatment is very
2:31 pm
effective. dr. ronnie whittfield joins us medical doctor for the national association of free clinics. doctor, good to have you with us tonight. what are your thoughts when you hear this story? >> brave. angelina jolie is very brave and thoughtful. you have seen the impact she's had on the community on raising awareness on the health issue that affects the women we know and love. >> is this the best course of action, preventive action, so to speak? >> early detection is the key to prevention. she got the blood test back which we don't know for sure if she actually has cancer. but with her mother having ovarian cancer and dying at the age of 49 she's brac gene
2:32 pm
positive. she made in my opinion, what was a wise decision. there was controversial the decision he made in 2013 because there were no tumors at the time. >> isn't this where we want health care to be in this country at this time? prevention? >> we're always behind eight ball when we treat somebody who has had a heart attack. if we can prevent these things from happening on the front end and can detect them early, we can save lives. angelina jolie is thinking about her husband and her children. a very brave move on her part. >> i appreciate your time. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. stick around. lots more coming up with our response panel here on "the ed
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and we are back. reaction to senator ted cruz's presidential announcement is pouring in and it is not pretty. peter king was brutally honest about ted cruz's qualifications.
2:37 pm
>> he has shown no qualifications. no legislation being passed, did you want provide leadership and doesn't have any real experience. he's a guy with a big mouth and no results. >> would you support him if he was the gop nominee? >> i'll jump off that bridge when we come to it. >> that's certainly not an endorsement. rand paul had some harsh words for cruz's messaging. >> i'm a big believer that you should stand on principle and be true to your principles but i also think we should take those principles and try to bring in new people with them. i have spent the last kipcouple of years trying to go places republicans haven't gone and not just trying to throw out red meat. >> i'll tell you one place right wingers don't go and that's liberal talk radio. rand paul is right about a few things. cruz's speech was heavy on red meat and light on ideas and facts. cruz owned the media blitz.
2:38 pm
his announcement earned the candidate hours of air time over the last couple of days. cruz landed himself an hour long special on "hannity" monday night. he came out of the gates with this typical gloom and doom predictions. >> we have seen our national debt go from 10 trillion to 18 trillion. we're seeing our constitutional rights constantly under assault from the federal government and we're seeing america recede from leadership in the world and the world is melting down. >> and he is a fatalist. he's always full of dire predictions for the future of america. unless of course he's elected. now oddly enough cruz loves to say things like the whole world is on fire and the world is melting down. then he says this about the global climate. >> i just came back from new hampshire where there's snow and ice everywhere and my view
2:39 pm
actually is simple. debates on this should follow science and should follow data and many of the alarmists on global warming, they have a problem because the science doesn't back them up. in particular satellite data has demonstrated in the last 17 years there's been zero warming, none whatsoever. >> let's follow the data. 2014 was the warmest year in the history of our planet. cruz is simply ignoring science and facts. he does the same thing with obamacare. >> i think obamacare has been the biggest disaster the biggest train wreck. it has cost millions of americans their jobs forced them into part-time work, cost them their health care their doctors, their health insurance premiums are skyrocketing. >> there have been five straight years of private sector job growth. as cruz knows, obamacare was signed five years ago monday. over 12 million jobs have been created since then. if obamacare was a job killer,
2:40 pm
this chart would look completely different. then we have some more facts for mr. cruz. on sunday the white house released a report saying 16 million americans have gained health coverage through the affordable care act. it also found that health care prices have risen at the slowest rate in nearly 50 years. ted cruz is running on a platform of taking health care away from millions of americans. he wants to go back to the days of denying coverage for preexisting conditions. he wants to abolish the irs and let the oil companies run amuck, deregulate everything. cruz consistently denies basic science facts when it comes to climate change. a vote for cruz would no doubt take this country back in time as i see it. can they have any more of those guys run over there on that side?
2:41 pm
let me bring in my guests. heidi, you first. who did ted cruz win over yesterday? who is getting in line? who is on the band wagon early on? >> i think a lot of people consider him a strong conservative. i don't put my trust in any politician to make the world a better place, but a lot of people like ted cruz and they feel like he is a straight shooter. they're tired of being served up jeb bush and mitt romney. we want somebody new. what's wrong with that? let the voters decide. >> i was waiting for ideas yesterday, heidi. he's been ripping into obamacare for five years. i thought yesterday at least one thing he could do was step up with a plan because you know why? no one else in the republican party has done that yet. no one has offered up a distinct plan or stepped to the plate and said, you know what? obamacare sucks and the plan i have a lot better.
2:42 pm
how did this guy win in texas? >> in texas, i've been calling them the south americamirk for a long time. he plays the part of the angry tea party dude and the narrow swath of voters who have been controlling elections in this state for a long time he is enormously popular with them. i think that'll probably translate well in the early primary states for that narrow swath of voters which probably isn't enough for him to win a nomination, but i think it's enough to keep him in the top tier for at least as long as south carolina. >> caroline who is he a threat to? whose game does he take away in this whole thing? >> i don't think he's a threat at all. in the polls that have been run the nine polls run in 2016 for republican voters, he is polling
2:43 pm
somewhere between 3% and 9%. he's not actually the answer. he is not embraced by the party. most specifically he's not embraced by the party elite. even john cornyn is not in his corner. >> so heidi, who do the right-wing talkers of america -- who are they going to get behind? this guy? >> a lot of them will get behind this guy because they weren't happy with jeb bush or mitt romney because they weren't conservative enough. we're disgusted with the republicans in general who have become rhinos certainly in the state of nevada. we're tired of conservatives who claim to be conservative and then go the other way. ted cruz is not going to appeal to everybody, but a lot of americans really don't know who
2:44 pm
he is yet. they're not paying attention to national politics. as they get to know him more maybe they'll respect him and feel like he is a better change than jeb bush. >> where does rand paul fit in all this? they're kind of in the same fraternity aren't they? >> ted cruz ends up as rand paul's right. he'll have the annoyed angry voters. rand paul will probably have some of the voters just to the left of them. they are still ultraconservative. they're just not quite as mad. i will say you underestimate ted cruz at your own peril. three years ago, nobody on the planet knew who this guy was. he came from nowhere and beat an incumbent lieutenant governor and went to the u.s. senate. nobody in this state thought he would do it and the people he makes the maddest, they're all in politics. most of them are in washington. guess what? that's not going to hurt him a bit. the people that republican
2:45 pm
primary voters on the farthest right don't like the most are the people who don't like ted cruz. i think that helps cruz. >> we have a lot of guys we have to look out for. don't underestimate scott walker or ted cruz. we have overestimated jeb bush if you listen to the right-wing talkers. is it too much to ask the republicans to come up with a concrete health care plan than the one that has been successful in the last five years? what are they going to run on other than hating obamacare and freedom and liberty and the constitution? >> i think they're in a bad position in terms of tea partier partiering warring with moderate republicans. i think we're going to see something similar to the last two elections where the party really kind of takes itself apart. and they don't have a coherent policy agenda right, which is
2:46 pm
why the affordable care act -- they're just critiquing it rather than providing an al tern alternative alternative, but you could go down the list. >> who do you think is going to raise the most money? >> i think jeb bush probably will initially, but a lot of us on the right aren't crazy about jeb bush. that's not going to get him very far if the right leaders are not thrilled about him. i think ted cruz could raise a lot of money. i think rand paul has a lot of appeal for independents. you're not going to get a right leaning president in without the independents. as you know, there's a huge advantage when you jump in early to get some of those early dollars. >> i would put my money on jeb bush for the most money. thank you. >> thanks ed. you bet. after the break, we'll have an update on the plane crash in the french alps. stay with us. we're right back. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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it's particular heartbreaking, because it apparently includes the loss of so many children some of them infants. >> the president this afternoon. we are learning the scope of the tragedy from the passenger plane crash in the french alps today, 150 passengers and crew were on board flight 9525. all are presumed dead. among the passengers were 16 students and two teachers returning to germany from a school exchange program in spain. just a short time ago, the spanish school involved in the exchange posted on its website -- we thank all the expression of support and condolences received after the accident was confirmed. we'll continue to follow the developments here on msnbc. hillary clinton is trying to wipe her slate clean with the media. a new start. we're right back.
2:52 pm
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♪ ♪ ...manage your appointments... [ dog barks ] ...and check your connection status... ♪ ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. another new hairstyle -- [ laughter ] >> a new e-mail account -- [ laughter ] >> why not a new relationship with the press? so here goes. no more secrecy. >> i like it. i think that's a great start. nothing wrong with a sense of humor. and hillary clinton is making some changes, including staff changes. her longtime press perch, known
2:56 pm
for his aggressive style, to be nice about it will end up with a different role apparently. she's also distancing herself from some of the liberal donors as though she's trying to you know, signal you know that she's got enough money, she's got this thing, and she's not going to be owned by anybody on the left. she's her own kaernt. interesting. some progressives don't view hillary as a shoo-in, they want to be sure she's vetted. over the weekend "boston globe" ran several stories asking elizabeth warren to run. one group is launching an initiative in in that new hampshire and iowa. the aggressive change campaign committee is urging candidates to adopt a bold -- what they call elizabeth warren-style agenda. for more let's go to adam green, cofounder of the p triple c.
2:57 pm
you've got a number of lawmakers who have signed on to this in both new hampshire and in iowa. i'm curious, adam what do you mean by elizabeth warren-style agenda, as opposed to what ms. clinton might be touting? >> so today, ed, 200 called for the next candidate to campaign actively on a big, bold economic platform. what they mean by that is ideas like a national goal of debt-free college at all public universities and colleges expanding social security benefits instead of the rep plan to cut them. wall street reform and something big on clean energy jobs and worker wages. you're from the heartland, you know these ideas are popular in red, purple and blue states and, you know this is not just good policy for the country, but fantastic politics for democrats
2:58 pm
if our nominees chooses to endorse them. >> some have told me they think the republicans have backed off on privatizing social security because it's so popular the way it assistants right now, so that may be put on the back burner now. do you think she matching up with what your organization put out today? >> well hillary clinton is taking some smart moves, and she's shown an ability to evolve over time you know she was again some in during the clinton administration, and then came out and change. the big unchecked box is where does she stand on core issues related to corporate power and economic populism? will she be willing to again, invest in a big idea like dead-free college at all public universities, or taking on the big wall street banks? we're very hopeful she will understand this moment that we're living in and come forward
2:59 pm
with some big ideas. the goal of today's campaign was to incentivize her, show her she won't by alone if she takes these positions, that there are a lot of democrats, including the very important states of iowa and new hampshire ready to be there with her. >> adam you're convinced if elizabeth warren ran, that's what she would run on? >> they see are definitely priorities of elizabeth warren and others could run as well. we could basically see if there's a robust primary, a race to the top, a competition to see who can embrace elizabeth warren-style ideas more, and who can go bigger and bolder but these are definitely priorities that she's actively championed. >> adam pccc thanks for being with us. you can individual my video podcast at we got that's "the ed show" tonight. "politics nation" with reverend
3:00 pm
sharpton starts ten seconds early. \s. >> all right with me. thanks, ed. we start with breaking news night falls on recovery teams in france after a passenger plane crashes in the alps. the search for answers suspended until morning. french officials telling nbc news one of the plane's black boxes has been found. 150 people are feared dead including two babies and a group of german high school students. the germanwings flight departing from spain this morning around 10:00 a.m. local time bound for germany, reaching cruising altitude. 30 minutes later, before starting a rapid but controlled descent, and then dropping off radar. crashing about 430 miles southeast of paris.


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